Welcome to the Smitty Legacy: A Sims 3 family following the Legacy Challenge ruleset with some adjustments built in for supernatural shenanigans.

Our story begins in Chapter 1, Sally on the Shore.



This blog may feature adult themes such as sex, violence and swearing, and is intended for adult audiences only.


Meet the Family

Twelve years after the Almanaire Cruise Ship dissapeared in uncharted seas, a mysterious girl wanders ashore in the pouring rain one cold Sim City night. Her story is fantastical, her eyes, crazed, but more then that her very presence is an omen that heralds in the strange. Perhaps she’s just a magnet for trouble, the police think.

Or maybe she’s not entirely human at all.



Sally Smitty • Progenitor • Dreams of a Perfect Garden

Sally never set out to have a family – she was just ecstactic to be back in the real world with people, electricity, tasty food and actual showers. No more looking over her shoulder for nasty beasties about to eat her, and no more swimming through the frigid depths to safety. Life would be normal now, right?

Wrong. Something’s changed for Sally. Strange events follow her like a plague and at night she finds herself alone with a restless gnawing eating away at her chest that she cannot deny. It whispers seductive stories about otherworldly places to her and it’s becoming harder and harder for her to focus on the normal, everyday life she’s dreamed of for so, so long.

Sally can never go back to that wonderous, dangerous world she’d spent her childhood years in, but she wont have to. It just so happens that dangerous world is coming for her.

Unstable Trait

As of Post 1.4: replaces Abscent-minded and Sailor with Natural Cook and Schmoozer.

Playing by the Rules

or not, as the case may be. Below is a list of information regarding the Legacy Challenge and my personal adjustments for funsies (mostly inspired by the Sims 2 Version). I’ll keep a Classic counter too for prosperities sake.

Running Totals

Personal Total: 1/86+ Points   ||  Classic: 1 Point  ||  Smitty: 0/34 Points

Classic Rules: 1 Point

  • 1/10 Points Generation
  • 0/32? Wishes Completed
  • 0/3 so far Pts. per Portraits
  • 0 Pts. per 100k Simoleans
  • 0 Pts. per 100k Lifetime Aspiration Points

Smitty Rules: 0 Points

  • 1 Pt. per buisness lot owned
  • 0/13 Pts. 1 Pt per Supernatural Type
    • Alien
    • Fairy
    • Genie
    • Imaginary Friend
    • Mermaid
    • Plant Sim
    • Plumbot
    • Simbot
    • Unicorn
    • Vampire
    • Werewolf
    • Witch
    • Zombie
  • 0/21 Pts. 1 Pt per ghost type
    • Blunt Force Trauma
    • Buried Alive
    • Dehydration: Requires Mermaid
    • Drowning
    • Electrocution
    • Fire
    • Freezing
    • Haunting Curse: Requires Witch
    • Jelly Bean
    • Jetpack Crash
    • Old Age
    • Meteor (ha! good luck with that one, future self)
    • Mummy’s Curse
    • Ranting
    • Running out of Air
    • Shark Attack
    • Starvation
    • Thirst: Requires Vampire
    • Time Anomaly
    • Transmutation
    • Watery Grave: Requires Magician


House Rules:

  •  Lot purchased was 14,700 and I started with 1,300 (from familyfunds)
  • Mods are in use, no money cheats shall be used to increased family funds. Mods may be used for story purposes and quality of life only. I really want that meteor death one day, guys. But I’ll try!
  •  Cheats may be used to improve building techniques.
  • I’ll be playing with Alphabetical Names.
  • I’d like to play with Family Trait, but it’s still up in the air.
  • If a Sim moves in with expensive items in their inventory (1000), these must immediately be sold and the familyfunds reverted to normal.

Current Mod List:

  • Master Controller
  • Error Trap
  • Consigner (more for my other games)